Hotel Ibis Esch Belval

In the surrounding area

rumelange 4

23 Station to station Rumelange - Kayl

Where : Rumelange

Starting point: Rumelange station

belval claude piscitelli

24 Station to station Belvaux-Soleuvre - Belval-Université

Where : Belvaux

Starting point: Belvaux-Soleuvre station

esch sur alzette 6

25 Station to station Kayl - Schifflange - Esch-sur-Alzette

Where : Kayl

Starting point: Kayl Station

station to station esch sur alzette belvaux soleuvre

26 Station to station Esch-sur-Alzette - Belvaux-Soleuvre

Where : Esch-sur-Alzette

Starting point: Esch-sur-Alzette station

station to station belvaux oberkorn

27 Station to station Belvaux-Soleuvre - Oberkorn

Where : Belvaux

Starting point: Belvaux-Soleuvre Station

randonnees 53

28 Station to station Oberkorn - Niederkorn

Where : Oberkorn

Starting point: Oberkorn station We leave the village in a southern direction...

differdange 9

29 Station to station Niederkorn - Rodange

Where : Niederkorn

Starting point: Niederkorn station We leave the village and go uphill towards...

fond de gras 15

30 Station to station Oberkorn - Fond de Gras - Rodange

Where : Oberkorn

Starting point: Oberkorn station We follow the national footpath "Sentier...

vtt red rock andreas kern

31 Station to station Niederkorn - Bascharage-Sanem

Where : Niederkorn

Starting point: Niederkorn Station

station to station bascharage sanem dippach reckange

32 Station to station Bascharage-Sanem - Dippach-Reckange

Where : Bascharage

Starting point: Bascharage-Sanem station

station to station dippach leudelange

33 Station to station Dippach-Reckange - Leudelange

Where : Reckange-sur-Mess

Starting point: Dippach-Reckange Station

station to station pe tange kleinbettingen

34 Station to station Pétange - Kleinbettingen

Where : Pétange

Starting point: Pétange station We walk through the village in a...

randonnees 16

Circular walk Bascharage

Where : Bascharage

Start: train stop Bascharage-Sanem We leave the town behind us and walk...

dsc 1499

Circular walk Belvaux

Where : Belvaux

Start: town hall in Belvaux The trail leads over the Pakebierg, past the Tour...

dsc 1373

Circular walk Bergem

Where : Bergem

Start: next to the cultural centre (school) in Bergem The route leads us...

dsc 8168

Circular walk Differdange

Where : Differdange

Start: near the "Thillenberg" stadium in Differdange After a steep...

randonnees 5

Circular walk Dippach

Where : Dippach

Start: next to the church in Dippach We cross the village and walk across...

dsc 2448

Circular walk Esch-sur-Alzette

Where : Esch-sur-Alzette

Start: car park next to the city park Gaalgebierg in Esch-sur-Alzette The...

dsc 2498

Circular walk Kayl

Where : Kayl

Start. car park near the National Miners’ Monument ("Monument...

randonnees 46

Circular walk Lamadelaine

Where : Lamadelaine

Start: near the school in Lamadelaine The route sets out towards the nature...

randonnees 46

Circular walk Pétange

Where : Pétange

Start: town hall in Pétange We walk through the park and cross the rail...

dsc 9179

Circular walk Rodange

Where : Rodange

Start: car park near the Jos Philippart stadium We cross the village and then...

dsc 8234

Circular walk Rumelange I

Where : Rumelange

Start: next to the National Mining Museum ("Musée National des...

rumelange 3

Circular walk Rumelange II

Where : Rumelange

Start: next to the National Mining Museum ("Musée National des...

dsc 1414

Circular walk Schifflange

Where : Schifflange

Start: cultural centre in Schifflange The path climbs towards the...

sentier natura 2000

Didactic trail "Natura 2000" - Ellergronn

Where : Esch-sur-Alzette

Tour A crosses mainly the forests that have been marked by human beings for...

257 visite giele botter carole dieschbourg

Geological Trail - "Giele Botter"

Where : Pétange

Geological walk "Giele Botter" (iron ore, open-cast mines, fossils)....

espace museologique lasauvage 1

Sentier Hondsbësch

Where : Lasauvage

randonnees 13

Stage trail Path of the Minerworkers

Where : Pétange

Slopes covered by rich verdant woodland, tranquil valleys through which...

randonnees 6

Stage trail South II

Where : Rodange