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Vennbahn Cycle Route

For over a hundred years, the Vennbahn was the iron link between the coalfields of Aachen and the north of Luxembourg. But this former supply line also brought wealth and progress to this unique natural and cultural living space in the heart of Europe along the German-Belgian frontier. The Vennbahn has successfully survived a turbulent and treacherous period of history, in which it sometimes played a vital role.

Today the points are set for a new era. Gleaming steel rails and creosote-darkened sleepers have made way for relaxed cycle touring and hiking all along this green-flanked ribbon. Experience 125 kilometres of recycled track on the trail of Vennbahn stories, the many anecdotes and curiosities of this charming region that are ready to enhance your journey.

Historical and cultural sites
There are a wide variety of sites to see along the Vennbahn. Starting with the UNESCO World Heritage city of Aachen, crossing the “High Fen Nature Park”, travelling on down to the gardens of Troisvierges and at all points in between you will find enough natural and cultural sites of interest on your 125-kilometre journey to make you feel like an authentic world traveller:

• UNESCO World Heritage Site Aachen
• Former Abbey town of Kornelimünster
• Raeren Pottery Museum
• The Rur valley reservoir lake (Rursee)
• Historic old city of Monschau
• Nature Park High-Fen-Eifel
• Bütgenbach and Robertville reservoir lakes
• Former rail junction of St Vith
• Burg Reuland and the picturesque Our valley
• The Weiswampach lakes and the gardens of Troisvierges


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Distance : 125 Km
Difficulty : Easy
Crossed localities : Huldange, Troisvierges


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L-9906 Troisvierges
Tel.: +352 26 95 05 66

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