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Accommodation and youth hostels in Luxembourg

Luxembourg has a network of 10 fully furnished youth hostels. This budget accommodation is located either in new or in thoroughly renovated buildings. Modern, spacious and fully equipped, these hostels offer quality and high levels of comfort. They are also ideal to accommodate large groups for cheap in Luxembourg. With the quality of their modern facilities and amenities housed within their premises, Luxembourg’s many youth hostels are able to host guests of all ages.

Find a youth hostel in Luxembourg

beaufort outside

Youth Hostel Beaufort


The youth hostel is located at the heart of the town and...

bourglinster 3

Youth Hostel Bourglinster


The completely renovated youth hostel, a historical...

aj echternach1

Youth Hostel Echternach


The youth hostel has a dining room, a cafeteria with...


Youth Hostel Hollenfels


The youth hostel is right next to the castle and is able...

first pic larochette 9

Youth Hostel Larochette


The youth hostel is a modern youth center surrounded by a...

first pic lultzhausen2

Youth Hostel Lultzhausen


The youth hostel is located in the center of the village,...

first pic aj luxembourg 083

Youth Hostel Luxembourg

Luxembourg City

The youth hostel is suitable for individuals, groups,...

first pic aj schengen005351

Youth Hostel Schengen (Remerschen)


The spacious rooms of the youth hostel opened in 2007 are...

first pic vianden02

Youth Hostel Vianden


The youth hostel, an old traditional house in the upper...